Revel PerformaBe F328Be A Comprehensive Overview

In the world of high-end audio equipment, few brands command as much respect and admiration as Revel. For over two decades, Revel has been pushing the boundaries of sound technology, creating some of the most highly praised speakers on the market. And now, they have once again set a new standard with their latest release – the Revel PerformaBe F328Be.

The PerformaBe F328Be is the latest addition to Revel’s flagship PerformaBe series, which is known for its exceptional performance, unmatched sound quality, and eye-catching design. With the F328Be, Revel aims to deliver an immersive listening experience that will satisfy even the most discerning audiophiles. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out in this comprehensive overview of the Revel PerformaBe F328Be.

Unveiling the Revel PerformaBe F328Be: Features and Specifications

Revel PerformaBe F328Be A Comprehensive Overview

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details of the PerformaBe F328Be, let’s first take a look at what sets it apart from its predecessors and competitors. The F328Be boasts an impressive list of features and specifications, making it one of the most advanced speakers in its class.

Beryllium Tweeter

One of the standout features of the F328Be is its beryllium tweeter, which is made from the rare and expensive element, beryllium. This material is known for its stiffness, lightness, and excellent damping properties, making it ideal for producing high-frequency sounds. The result is a more accurate and detailed sound reproduction, with reduced distortion and improved dynamics.

Ceramic-Coated Midrange Drivers

The F328Be also features ceramic-coated midrange drivers, which are designed to provide a wider frequency range and better dispersion of sound. The ceramic coating adds rigidity to the drivers, resulting in improved clarity and reduced resonance. This, combined with the beryllium tweeter, creates a more natural and lifelike soundstage.

Cast Aluminum Frame

To ensure maximum rigidity and stability, Revel has equipped the F328Be with a cast aluminum frame. This not only adds to the speaker’s durability but also helps reduce any unwanted vibrations or distortions. The frame is also designed to minimize diffraction, ensuring that the sound remains as precise and accurate as possible.

Dual 8-inch Woofers

The F328Be features two 8-inch woofers, which are strategically positioned within the cabinet for optimal low-frequency performance. These woofers are built with a lightweight yet stiff material, providing powerful bass response without sacrificing speed or accuracy. Additionally, the woofers are housed in separate chambers within the cabinet, minimizing interference and improving overall sound quality.

High-Order Crossovers

Rounding out the list of notable features is the F328Be’s high-order crossovers, which are responsible for dividing the audio signal into different frequency ranges and directing them to the respective drivers. Unlike traditional crossovers, which can cause phase shift and distortion, the F328Be uses high-order crossovers that maintain the integrity of the audio signal, resulting in a smoother and more accurate sound.

Performance and Sound Quality: A Deep Dive into the Revel PerformaBe F328Be

Revel PerformaBe F328Be A Comprehensive Overview

Now that we’ve covered the technical specifications, let’s move on to the most crucial aspect of any speaker – its performance and sound quality. To put it simply, the Revel PerformaBe F328Be delivers an exceptional listening experience.

From the first note, it’s evident that this speaker was designed with precision and attention to detail. The beryllium tweeters produce crisp, clear highs that effortlessly blend with the midrange drivers, creating a cohesive and seamless soundstage. The dual woofers provide powerful and impactful bass, but never overpower the rest of the audio. And thanks to the high-order crossovers, the F328Be delivers an incredibly detailed and precise sound, no matter the genre of music.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of the F328Be’s performance is its ability to handle complex audio signals with ease. Whether it’s a symphony orchestra or a heavy rock band, the F328Be maintains its composure and delivers every note with accuracy and clarity. This is a testament to the speaker’s advanced technology and engineering, which allows it to reproduce even the most intricate details of a recording.

Design and Aesthetics: Exploring the Revel PerformaBe F328Be’s Design Language

Revel PerformaBe F328Be A Comprehensive Overview

In addition to its exceptional performance, the F328Be also boasts a sleek and modern design that will undoubtedly be a standout in any home audio setup. The cabinet is constructed from high-quality materials, including aluminum, MDF, and birch veneer, giving it a premium look and feel. The smooth curves and clean lines of the cabinet not only add to its aesthetic appeal but also help with reducing diffraction and improving overall sound quality.

The F328Be also comes in three elegant finishes – piano black, piano white, and walnut. Regardless of which finish you choose, the speaker is sure to make a statement in your living room. Additionally, the F328Be features magnetic grilles that seamlessly blend into the design when attached, giving it a clean and minimalistic appearance.

Revel PerformaBe F328Be: Connectivity and Compatibility

One of the essential aspects of any speaker is its connectivity options and compatibility with different devices. The F328Be offers a variety of inputs, including bi-wire and bi-amp connections, as well as traditional single-wire connections. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to integrating the F328Be into your existing audio setup.

The F328Be is also compatible with a wide range of devices, including amplifiers and receivers from various brands. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their current system without having to make significant changes. Additionally, the speaker features a frequency response of 29Hz – 44kHz, making it suitable for both stereo and home theater setups.

Revel PerformaBe F328Be: User Experience and Functionality

In terms of user experience, the F328Be ticks all the right boxes. The setup process is relatively straightforward, and the speaker comes with a detailed manual that walks you through the entire process. Once set up, the F328Be is easy to operate, thanks to its intuitive controls and simple interface.

One standout feature of the F328Be is its ability to adapt to different listening environments. With the flip of a switch, you can adjust the speaker’s output according to your room’s acoustics. This makes a significant difference in sound quality, especially in smaller or oddly shaped rooms.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the F328Be’s build quality. As with all Revel products, the F328Be is built to last, using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. This not only adds to the speaker’s durability but also gives you the confidence that it will continue to deliver exceptional performance for years to come.

Revel PerformaBe F328Be vs. Competitors: A Comparative Analysis

In the world of high-end speakers, the competition is fierce. So how does the Revel PerformaBe F328Be stack up against its competitors? Let’s take a look at a couple of popular options and see how they compare.

Revel Performa3 F206

The Revel Performa3 F206 is another highly praised speaker from the same brand, with a slightly lower price tag than the F328Be. In terms of design, the F206 is quite similar to the F328Be, with a sleek and modern look. However, the F328Be has superior technology and features, including the beryllium tweeters and ceramic-coated midrange drivers, giving it an edge in terms of sound quality.

BW 804 D3

Another popular option in the same price range is the BW 804 D3. This speaker boasts diamond dome tweeters and carbon-fiber midrange drivers, giving it a unique sound signature that many audiophiles love. However, compared to the F328Be, the 804 D3 lacks the same level of detail and precision, especially in the midrange frequencies. The F328Be also offers better connectivity options and compatibility, making it a more versatile choice.

The Revel PerformaBe F328Be: A Value Proposition for Audiophiles

With its advanced technology, exceptional performance, and eye-catching design, the Revel PerformaBe F328Be is undoubtedly a value proposition for any audiophile. While it may come at a premium price, the F328Be delivers a listening experience that is unmatched by many other speakers in its class.

The F328Be’s ability to handle complex audio signals with ease, along with its precise and accurate sound reproduction, makes it a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their listening experience. And with its versatility and compatibility, the F328Be is suitable for both music and movie enthusiasts, making it an excellent investment for any home audio setup.

Revel PerformaBe F328Be: Where to Buy and Pricing Information

The Revel PerformaBe F328Be is available for purchase through authorized dealers and select retailers. You can also purchase it directly from the Revel website. As for pricing, the F328Be retails for around $10,000, which may seem steep for some. However, when considering the advanced technology and superior sound quality it offers, the price is justified.

The Future of Audio Technology: The Revel PerformaBe F328Be and Beyond

Revel has always been at the forefront of audio technology, constantly pushing the boundaries and setting new standards with their products. With the PerformaBe F328Be, they have once again raised the bar for what a high-end speaker can achieve. And as technology continues to advance, we can only imagine what Revel has in store for us in the future.


In conclusion, the Revel PerformaBe F328Be is a masterpiece of audio engineering, combining state-of-the-art technology, exceptional performance, and stunning design. From its beryllium tweeters and ceramic-coated midrange drivers to its cast aluminum frame and high-order crossovers, every aspect of this speaker is meticulously crafted to deliver an immersive and unparalleled listening experience.

Whether you are a seasoned audiophile or simply someone who appreciates high-quality sound, the Revel PerformaBe F328Be is sure to impress. So why settle for ordinary speakers when you can elevate your audio game with the F328Be?

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